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Savannah Rapids Wedding
Danielle + Steven

Whatever shall we say about this Savannah Rapids Wedding?  It was awesome.  Let’s see if we can share with you a little about the wedding and this sweet couple.  Danielle and Steven have actually been together for 13 years.  Yes, 13 years.  Usually when a couple has been together that long, they have already tied the knot.   They just decide it was finally time…..that and I think Steven’s grandmother kept asking.   These two are really special and so is their little son.  Adorable family much loved by everyone.

savannah rapids wedding

The day started at the Sheraton for the getting ready preparations and quickly moved on to the Savannah Rapids pavilion for the finishing touches and a little pre-wedding reveal and photo session with the bridal party.

bride getting ready before augusta wedding

mother adjusting veil for augusta bride

wedding photographers in Augusta

augusta wedding photographers

wedding photographer in augusta

ring shot before exchange of wedding rings

exchanging rings at savannah rapids wedding

first kiss of newlyweds at augusta wedding

augusta wedding photographer

wedding rings and bouquet after savannah rapids wedding

wedding formation of wedding party

savannah rapids wedding by augusta wedding photographer

newlyweds at savannah rapids wedding

augusta wedding photographer

wedding photography

augusta wedding photography

newlyweds with wedding guests

couples dance at augusta wedding

savannah rapids wedding

longest married couples dance with newlyweds

reception fun at savannah rapids wedding

how low can you go at savannah rapids wedding

locomotion dance at savannah rapids wedding

soul train dancing at savannah rapids wedding

augusta wedding photographers

A special congratulations to the newlyweds, Danielle and Steven plus their little man.
May the sun always shine on your happy union and continue to bless you both with a love that continues to grow stronger every day.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day — Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

~ Love is Love.

Venue:   Savannah Rapids – Dance Pavilion and Loblolly Reception Room
Bridal Gown:  The House of the Bride
Wedding Planner/Coordinator:  Simple Bliss Events – Misty Cooper
Wedding Cake:  The Southern Sweet Shoppe

Augusta Saint Paul Wedding
Aezha + MarQuon

Today’s featured sneak peek features a couple who knocked their engagement session out of the park.  It was like photographing a couple of models.  That’s right, it’s Aezha and Mar’Quon.   This wedding day was full of fun and selfies.  Snapchat filters on Instagram photos and everything in between.  It was so sweet to see these two surrounded by friends and family throughout the day.  There was such a joy among all involved.   Here’s a little sneak peek into their Augusta Saint Paul wedding.

augusta saint paul wedding

While Saint Paul only allows for wedding photographers to photograph from the very back of the church, we were able to get some really great images of the bride and groom exchanging their vows and rings during this beautiful ceremony.

augusta wedding photographers

saint paul wedding

wedding photographers at saint paul

#marryingmedlock Augusta Wedding Photographers

Everyone was jumping for joy for these two out in front of Saint Paul.  The wedding party was game for pretty much anything we had up our sleeves, even our Mannequin Challenge video.  Be sure to check it out on our social media sites.

fun wedding photographers in Augusta

best friends at augusta wedding

handsome groom photographed by augusta wedding photographers

beautiful Augusta bride photographed by wedding photographers

wedding photographers in augusta ga

georgia wedding photographers

first dance by augusta wedding photographers

group photo at wedding reception by augusta photographer

bouquet toss at Saint Paul augusta wedding in River Room

garter toss in River Room at Saint Paul by august wedding photographer

cake cutting in River Room at Saint Paul by Augusta Wedding Photographers

Reception fun in River Room by Augusta Wedding Photographers

River Room Reception Fun at Saint Paul wedding

River Room fun at Saint Paul wedding in Augusta

Wedding fun at Reception in River Room at Saint Paul by Augusta Wedding Photographers

#marryingmedlock Off to the Honeymoon at Saint Paul

While these are just a small tease for Aezha and Quon, we hope you enjoy too.  Aezha and Quon – – Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to be such a huge part of your wedding day.  From the very beginning, we hit it off with you two.  We wish you all the happiness in the world and have truly been blessed by meeting you two and all your amazing friends and family.

~ Love is Love.

Wedding Venue:  Saint Paul Episcopal Church
Wedding Reception:  Saint Paul River Room
Flowers:  Martina’s Flowers and Gifts
Caterer:   Roux’s Catering

Columbia County Amphitheater Wedding
Rachel + Trey

Occasionally, we get blessed with the opportunity to capture young love.  That is exactly what happened one Friday afternoon in November… a Columbia County amphitheater wedding for Rachel and Trey.  Evans High School sweethearts.  Trey has enlisted in the military and by the time you read this, he’ll have just left for basic training.  His date got moved up and so did the wedding plans.

We were sitting in the movies when we received a phone call and then several texts from Trey’s mom.  We connected with her after we got out of the movie and set the wheels in motion to be a part of this special day for these two.

The beautiful fall leaves of the park made for a beautiful backdrop for not only their pictures but also their ceremony.  Go ahead and enjoy some of the highlights here.

augusta wedding photographer

columbia county amphitheater wedding

Always fun working with a bridal party who enjoys having fun and doing silly stuff.  You’ll see….it’s not always the traditional poses with us.

Laying on the ground and doing whatever it takes to get the shot, allows us to create something out of the box for the couple to remember.  Thanks everyone for playing along.

augusta wedding photographer

evans ga wedding photographer

Rachel and Trey, we wish you all the joys life can possibly send your way.  Thank you for making sacrifices to help protect our country and our liberties.  May you have a happy future together and you always remember to lean on each other in the good times and the tough times too.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day.

~ Love is Love.

Piedmont Park Engagement
Copellia and Willie

It is always fun to introduce a couple to a new place.  That is exactly what happened during Copellia and Willie’s Piedmont Park engagement session.  They live thirty minutes away and had never been.   The truth is, we were supposed to meet up somewhere else.  Unfortunately, that location was locked up tighter than Fort Knox.  On to Plan B.

Let me tell you a little about these two.  They have a banter between them.  One of those where if you did not know them you would think they don’t like each other.  Picking back at forth.  It was cute.  In all honesty, they adore each other.  Can not wait to photograph their wedding next year.   Here is a sneak peek from their session.


piedmont park engagement



wedding photographers in augusta
































Copellia and Willie – We hope your wedding planning continues to go smoothly and are looking forward to April 2017 when you two tie the knot in Augusta.  See you soon.

~ Love is Love.

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Perrys Landing Wedding
Stevie and Patrick

What a joyous occasion.  Being a part of Stevie and Patrick’s Perrys Landing wedding was a huge honor for us.  Perrys Landing is a beautiful venue too.  A magical place for a wedding.  Stevie and Patrick are a fun couple with a great love of God and family.  It was displayed all during their day.  Whether it be a prayer with the pastor before the ceremony, the sand ceremony with one sand representing Christ or the communion they shared, their Savior was a big part of their special day.

We are pleased to share with you a few highlights from their day.










The pink sand was for Stevie and Patrick was represented by the blue sand.  The white sand represented Christ being involved in their marriage.  We hope and pray and firmly believe this marriage will stand the test of time.








After dinner and cake cutting, it was time for dancing.




At the end of the night, Patrick and Stevie shared one last dance.  The dance floor was empty, all but a couple of guests had left and the peace of being one came over them.  Such a sweet moment.



One of our favorite things is getting to steal the couple away for a few moments to get some sunset pictures.  Here are just a couple we captured after the ceremony.


perrys landing wedding

Stevie and Patrick – Thank you so much for the opportunity to capture some awesome memories for you on your special day.  We wish you nothing but the very best wishes for an amazing future together.  You two are a match made in heaven above.

~ Love is Love.

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Boathouse Wedding in Augusta
Erin and Todd

Met Erin and Todd.  A fun and somewhat whimsical couple.  Lovers of music festivals.  Sweet and unique.  They chose to have a Boathouse wedding in downtown Augusta Georgia.  When they started telling us about some of the fun things they had planned, we could not wait to see for ourselves.  We had the pleasure of getting to know these two during their May engagement session.

Why not check out some of the highlights of their fall colored wedding.



augusta boathouse wedding


















boathouse wedding

We are blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of Erin and Todd’s wedding and are praying for nothing but the best for these two.  Erin, Todd – May your life together continue to be full of music and whimsy.

~ Love is Love.

Richmond on Greene Wedding
Brittany and Matthew

It is finally time for us to share some sneak peeks of Brittany and Matthew’s Richmond on Greene wedding.  These two high school sweethearts tied the knot on a breezy October afternoon in downtown Augusta.  You may remember them from their engagement session earlier this year.  These two were so very ready to exchange their nuptials.







Their beautiful ceremony was held on the pool deck of the Old Richmond Hotel, now Richmond on Greene.  A great venue for a wedding or private party.  Brittany wore a dress from the House of the Bride along with a cathedral veil.






The couple even had the fire department turned out in force to show their support.  No, they didn’t crash the wedding…..Matthew is actually a fire fighter.


After the nuptials and some posed pictures with family and the bridal party, it was on to the reception.





augusta wedding

richmond on greene wedding

Congrats to you two.  We wish you the very best in your marriage and in life.  We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

~ Love is Love.

Ali and Preston’s Pine Knoll Farm
Appling GA Wedding

We waited just about a full year to photograph Ali and Preston’s Appling Ga wedding at Pine Knoll Farms.  You may remember them from their engagement session.  Their own personal style is all over this beautiful wedding.  Hurricane Matthew intended to crash the wedding but it was not meant to be.

appling ga wedding

The sky opened up after the remains of Hurricane Matthew left the area and provided a beautiful backdrop for this sweet wedding.

kelly's chapel at Pine Knoll Farms







appling ga wedding


appling ga wedding

pine knoll farms














It was such a great celebration of love for these two who were absolutely made for each other.  If ever there was a couple who “got” each other, it is definitely them.


Preston and Ali exude a unique beauty and style that is truly their own.  May their union continue to be blessed and may they always be unique, cool and awesome.

PS:  Thank you guys for allowing us to be a part of your day.  We are so happy to have been your first choice.

~ Love is Love.

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Bridal Portraits | Augusta Georgia

Let us introduce to you Brittany.  We met her at the Georgia Bridal Expo at Bell Auditorium in February of this year.  She was there with her mom and one of her friends and actually came by our booth twice.   You may remember Brittany from her engagement session with her fiance, Matthew.   We had such a great time with them.  When we got the opportunity to do a bridal portraits session with Brittany, we jumped at it.

If you know Brittany this will come as no surprise…during our bridal portraits session, Brittany was climbing in and out of a pickup truck like a champ, jumping over a stream and stood solid as her veil was flying in the wind.  You’ll see some of the highlights from our session here.

augusta bridal portraits

bridal portraits

augusta wedding photographer

augusta bridal portraits

bridal portraits in augusta ga

wedding photographers in augusta

bridal portraits by augusta wedding photographer

bridal portraits by wedding photographer in augusta ga

bridal portraits in augusta ga

Brittany – Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this extra session.  We are so glad to be able to provide you with a beautiful portrait to display at your wedding reception.

~ Love is Love.

Extra Info:
Our first goal with every bridal portraits session is to capture the true beauty of the bride.  We believe we were able to accomplish this with Brittany.  We love working with couples along their wedding planning journey and always feel especially blessed when we get to work with brides who are laid back and game for whatever we come up with.

We’ve been asked before if bridal portrait sessions are necessary.  The answer is always no, but…..if you’re looking to get the most out of your money not only from the wedding experience but out of your investment in your dress, then why not?

Are you a bride looking for a photographer?  Looking to do a little something extra?  Contact us, we would love to work with you.

Saint Paul Wedding, Augusta GA
Caitlin and Anthony

Caitlin and Anthony are one of the sweetest couples we have had the opportunity to work for.  Their Saint Paul wedding was a traditional Episcopal service held in downtown Augusta, Georgia.   Their reception was in the beautiful River Room at Saint Paul.   You may actually remember these two from their engagement session.


Here’s a sneak peek of their beautiful wedding day through pictures we were lucky enough to capture.


After Caitlin and Anthony exchanged their vows, they had communion along with their families and friends.  It was beautiful symbolism of the joining of two great families.  The breaking of bread together and creation of a new family, it was special.

After the ceremony and more pictures, it was time to join their guests in the River Room.  Take notice of the centerpiece.  Each table was labeled with the make of a car.  You would not find a Ford or Chevy here.  All exotic sports cars.  Anthony has a love of cars.


After the introductions, Anthony and Caitlin had their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Edwards.


After much dancing and antics with the bridal party, it was finally time to send off the newlyweds.


We wish the very best to Caitlin and Anthony and are so very appreciative of the opportunity to be a part their special day.  It was a truly unique experience.

Best wishes you two for a bright future, you deserve it.

~ Love is Love.

Coordinator:  Hankin Events
Flowers: Flowers on Broad, Augusta, GA
Venue: Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Augusta, GA
Cake:  Kyndra’s Cakes
Photography:  L & L Weddings, A Division of Lens & Lines Studio LLC
Caterer:  Be My Guest